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Mark Philpott is the President of Philburn and son of Owner and Chairman Kevin Philpott. working for the family business U-Can express & Universal Transit at the age of nine Mark started cleaning the yard on weekends and later working on the dock as a helper, where he eventually learned every role including forklift operator and shunt driver. Once he finished school was moved into the office environment, Working and learning in every facet of the operation, Dispatch, billing, rating, customer service. The family later started up KLMN Warehousing where naturally Mark learned from as well, Working his way up to Warehouse manager. After the 2004 sale of those businesses Mark and his Father Kevin, not ones to sit around started up Philburn Inc just a few months after the sale. Focusing on the warehousing of Green Coffee. Then two years later opened Philburn Logistics together getting back to their roots of servicing Atlantic. Now operating 2 facilities in Mississauga, ON and one in Dieppe, NB.

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What Are the Different Modes of Transportation in Logistics?

Different Modes of Transportation in LogisticsThere are not only a ton of transportation companies in Toronto to choose from, there are various transport methods as well. There are a number of different modes of transportation in the logistics industry, each having its own merits and disadvantages. From road, railway, marine, and air transportation, the method that you select depends on a few factors. For example, industries that need to transport heavy products opt for...

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What Are the Common Freight Shipping Challenges?When freight shipping something for the first time, you may have questions about how the process works and about things that could possibly go wrong. Any method of delivery proposes certain challenges, but freight shipping companies can experience a variety of unique challenges sometimes. Keep reading to learn about the four most common freight shipping challenges.

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Inbound Shipping

Inbound freight is...

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How Climate Change Impacts Your Maritime ShipmentsAs the science becomes more definitive, the direct impact of climate change on our environment has become more apparent and less disputed. It’s more difficult to deny that our own actions have impacted how abruptly the climate is changing, and how those changes are affecting many parts of our world and how we live.

When it comes to the logistics industry, the impact of climate change on...

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