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  • Distribution

    At Philburn, distribution means much more than just delivering a package from point A to point B. We work to ensure customers receive the right package on time and in sound condition. Philburn has the perfect combination of experience and sophisticated software that allows for...
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  • Warehousing

    Philburn is not only a full service logistic company, but Warehousing has become a major part of our business at our Mississauga facility. With a facility of our size it was important to invest in a fully functional state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS). Our software...
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  • Transportation

    Transporting products across Canada and the U.S. is a tall order. More than anything, customers need to know they can rely on Philburn to deliver every single time they place an order. That means we must be consistent, efficient, and offer clear and honest communication...
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