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Warehousing has become a major part of our business through our multiple locations. Our warehouse management system (WMS) provides our clients with real-time inventory reports on all products stored.

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Philburn works to ensure customers receive the right package on time, in sound condition, and with enough accessibility for customers to track their delivery from the moment they place their order to the time it arrives at their location.

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Our customers can rely on Philburn for both less than truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) transport services. We are consistent, efficient, and flexible in our offerings. Philburn transports freight from western to maritime Canada and across the United States.

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Philburn is a full-service logistics company based in Mississauga. As a recognized shipping company in Ontario, we host a large fleet of both owner-operated and company-owned trucks that provide transport services from Ontario to Atlantic Canada. Philburn offers both less-than truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) transportation services with a commitment to safe and on-time delivery.

Warehousing has also become an important part of our offerings. We have a large facility and are able to store a variety of products for our customers. To maintain organization and efficiency, we apply cutting-edge warehouse management systems (WMS) that provide up-to-the-minute tracking of all products.

Philburn customers can be assured they are working with a trucking company that offers helpful customer support and flexible services to match specific needs.



  • Full service logistics company
  • Fleet of Tractors and Straight trucks both owner-operator and company owned
  • State-of-the-art warehouse management system
  • Flexible service to match specific customer requirements



  • To give customers access to track product information in warehouse and en route
  • 99% pick-and-pack efficiency with RF Pathways Warehouse Management System
  • On-time and secure delivery
  • High level and friendly customer support



  • Providing transportation services throughout Ontario and Atlantic Canada
  • Terminals in Mississauga ON and Moncton NB
  • Network of partner carriers with terminals covering Atlantic Canada for local pick-ups and deliveries


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Canadian Domestic Fuel Surcharge (FSC)

Date : Jul 15, 2024
LTL % : 26.7
TL % : 60.1
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