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Shipping and Distribution FAQs | Maritime Shipping Mississauga, Toronto

FAQs – Shipping and Distribution

1. Where is your distribution centre located?

Our distribution centre is conveniently located in Mississauga. Our location makes shipping to Atlantic Canada from Ontario fast and easy.

2. How can I contact your distribution centre?

You can contact our distribution centre by telephone at (416) 798-9956, or by e-mail at customerservice@philburn.com

3. Where do you service/ship from?

Though our company is based in Toronto, we’ve expanded our distribution services to across the entire province as well as to Atlantic Canada. This means that we’re able to ship to Atlantic Canada from Mississauga.

4. Can I ship internationally?

Philburn currently only ships within Ontario and Atlantic Canada, making shipping from Ontario to the East Coast easier than ever. When shipping from Ontario to Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick or Nova Scotia you’ll never have to wonder about the status of your freight.

5. How quickly are my orders shipped?

We’re dedicated to getting your freight delivered on time and intact. Once your freight is ready to go, it’ll be shipped out—usually between 24 to72 hours. If your item is backordered, you’ll receive a follow-up e-mail with a new estimated time of delivery. However, factors beyond our control, such as inclement weather, may slow down the progress of your order once it’s shipped. Use our sophisticated software to stay updated on where your freight is.

6. What are the shipping policies?

Deliveries occur Monday to Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. local time. If no one is home to accept the delivery, a notification card may be left with further details; or, if your freight is small, it may be left at the door.

Multiple items may be shipped separately due to size and may arrive at different times. Delivery is typically to the front door of houses and the ground floor lobby of an apartment or condominium complex. Delivery vehicles are not allowed on private property.

7. What shipping methods are available?

Standard ground/freight shipping is our main mode of transportation when delivering goods.

8. Can I use my own freight company/shipping method?

The systems used by Philburn are specifically designed for logistics services, and you can be sure that our team of professionals will provide you with the most efficient service possible. However, if you’d like to use another freight company, you are welcome to do so.

9. How do you track order delivery?

Philburn has software that enables our customers to track their delivery from the moment they place an order to the time it reaches their location, which gets updated in real time, so you’ll be updated every step of the way.

10. How do you reduce product damages in distribution process?

With high-quality packing materials and proper packing techniques, products rarely get damaged in our care. Our employees package and handle your goods with care, greatly reducing the rate of product damage. Whether you’re shipping within Ontario or shipping to Atlantic Canada from Toronto, you can rest assured that your freight will arrive in one piece.

11. Is your distribution centre independently owned and operated?

Our distribution centre is independently owned and operated by employees who have been with us from the beginning. When you outsource to Philburn, you can trust us to fulfill all of your distribution needs.

12. How do you handle seasonal distribution challenges?

Out company is constantly growing and adapting to new demands. Seasonal challenges like backorders are expertly avoided by our improved systems performance, making shipping from Ontario to New Brunswick a breeze.

13. Do you have an experienced distribution team?

Distribution is a main part of customer service, and Philburn has a dedicated team of trained and experienced staff members who have been with the company for a long period of time. With the hands-on experience they’ve gained over the years, they’ve learned how to effectively address and resolve situations with ease.